Bill Wyman’s Treasure Island


Bill Wyman & Richard Havers

Since humans first lived in Great Britain and Ireland literally millions of items have been buried, thrown away or simply lost. Today many of these are incredibly valuable, both in monetary terms and as historical artifacts. More than half of the important discoveries over the years have been accidental finds, many with fascinating stories behind them and all adding to our knowledge of life in the past. Bill Wyman’s Treasure Islands is a lively journey of discovery through the historical treasures found on these shores.

In 1948 a ploughman discovered what he thought to be three pieces of scrap metal, and he threw them away. Luckily retrieved, this scrap metal turned out to be Celtic gold torques dating from c. 70 BC and the first find of the famous Snettisham hoard. In 1825 a couple claimed to have seen a ghostly warrior wearing golden armour. In the same place, eleven years later, some workmen discovered a skeleton with a gold breastplate. Dated as being around 3,000 years old, this can now be seen in the British Museum. These are just a few of the fascinating stories which are included in this groundbreaking book. In the company of a most unexpected historian we discover when and where finds were made, together with descriptions of the objects and how it is thought they came to be there. The legal and archaeological issues on treasure-hunting are also explored as are the do’s and don’ts of identifying prime sites, keeping accurate records and identifying objects.

In this lavishly illustrated book, Bill Wyman and Richard Havers have created a treasure trove for the beginner or the more experienced archaeological explorer and for anyone interested in finding out about the exciting discoveries made in the British Isles.

The Bill Wyman C-Scope Detector

Bill has created a special metal detector for newcomers to the hobby and especially children.

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